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        Date Published: April 27, 2009 14:30:53 MDT

        Press Release ? January 2008

        Old Timber Table Company Continuing To Go ?Green?

        Since before it was fashionable to do so, the Old Timber Table Company has been a responsible steward of our natural resources and the environment. For two decades, our corporate culture has been one of social responsibility and a commitment to reducing our environmental impact through conservation, recycling and the use of eco-friendly products, suppliers, manufacturing principles and processes.

        In a continuation of this effort, the Old Timber Table Company is pleased to announce our partnership with Green Mountain Energy. Green Mountain, as an energy provider, is making a positive environmental statement by supporting renewable energy. ALL of their energy products include at least 10% of the power from new renewable sources.

        Old Timber Table Company sets and continually reviews objectives and goals that protect our global environment. We not only comply with safety and environmental regulations, but also implement in-house standards to continuously improve our environmental performance and reduce our carbon footprint.

        Old Timber Table Company believes that one of the best ways to conserve environmental resources is to manufacture furniture of the highest quality that it will last for generations. Nothing is more wasteful than disposable furniture.

        Old Timber Table Company specializes in furniture built from reclaimed timbers. The use of old and recycled wood accomplishes our environmental objectives as well as giving our furniture the character of an aged antique. Our sources for new wood are hardwood suppliers committed to sustainable forestry practices. Sawdust and wood chips from our manufacturing process are filtered, collected and recycled as fuel and animal bedding. This bedding/waste is composted and recycled again and used for fertilizer on a 500-acre tree farm that Old Timber Table Company owns/leases for its future hardwood needs.

        The use of water-based adhesives, stains, finishes and other low VOC emitting products are healthier to use, better for the environment and non-toxic to our clients. Even the way we apply our finishes is environmentally sound. All finishes are applied by hand. We do not use spray equipment and therefore reduce the amount of finish used with zero over-spray released into the atmosphere. This practice is time consuming and slightly more expensive, but necessary to produce the product we believe in.

        At Old Timber Table Company, our conservation and recycling are not just relegated to the factory floor. Our offices and showroom also utilize energy efficient lighting, recycle glass, cans and what little plastic we use. Ink cartridges are re-filled, rechargeable batteries are preferred and we place a much larger emphasis on electronic forms of communication and record keeping than we do on paper. Each employee is empowered and motivated to recycle whenever possible and systems are in place to maximize those efforts.

        For the well being of our employees, our clients and our planet, the Old Timber Table Company will do its part to be a leader in the ?Green? movement within our industry and will continue to look at new and better ways to create cleaner, safer and more environmentally responsible furniture of the highest quality.